The Sole E98 is designed for commercial environments and is built to take all the rigours of a multi user establishment. It has few gadgets but with its heavy duty frame it does have everything that makes it a durable, reliable machine. What this also means is that if you install it in your home you will have years and years of trouble free workouts.


The combination of a very heavy 15kg (34lb) precision balanced flywheel, a high gear ratio, whisper quiet drive system and a 20” (51cm) stride length means the Sole E98 provides an extremely smooth and comfortable feel even at the top resistance level.

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer with female model


Built for the commercial market this Sole E98 is the heaviest, most durable elliptical in the Sole range.

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer showing heavy duty frame
Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer heavy flywheel fo smooth workout
Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer large cushioned footplate for comfort
Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer 15% incline or a more intense workout


To increase the workload on the lower body the Sole E98 Cross trainer comes with power incline. At the touch of a button the fully adjustable incline ramp goes from a level plane up through 20 different incline levels (15%), changing from an elliptical path into a stepping motion. This allows you to individually target and work all major lower body muscle groups

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer handgrip controls for ease of use
Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer 2 degree inward slope on footpedal to reduce stress to muscles and joints


To add further comfort to your workout the Sole E98 comes with oversized non slip, cushioned foot pedals. These pedals boast a 2-degree inward slope, which reduces ankle and knee stress that is common on other elliptical machines. Sole worked in collaboration with a leading physical therapist and sports enthusiast to make sure they got the angle just right. The foot pedals also articulate for optimal user comfort and performance. With its multi position handgrips the Sole E98 provides plenty of upper body workout variety. Integrated in the moving handlebars are the incline and resistance buttons so you can alter your workout intensity ‘on the fly’.


The 10.1” TFT LCD console display is very user friendly. The graphic screen is designed for easier reading. It shows data in white and light blue against black for high contrast. There is also a 1/4-mile running track graphic as well a Peak and Valley profile for different programmes. The Sole E98 console features built in speakers so that you can hook up your MP3/iPod and enjoy your favourite tracks while working out. It also provides Quick Select speed and incline keys, hand grip pulse sensors and cooling fan. Accessory tray can be found just below the console.



The Sole E98 has an integrated message board that sends scrolling messages to you, guiding you through every detail of your workout. It’s like having someone standing at your side reading the owner’s manual to you. Ever wonder how to set up the user profile workout, just push the user profile button the message board will walk you through the rest. The message board will also recap your entire workout after you are finished, so you can see your progress.

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer console with message centre


You will notice that there are four rear wheels riding along heavy-duty rails on the Sole E98. This prevents side-to-side foot pedal motion and provides a much more solid feel during your workout. 

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer dual rails for stability


Product Features

Commercial elliptical cross trainer

20” Stride length

15 kg (34lb) Flywheel

20 Levels of power incline

2-degree pedal slope

10 programmes

Bluetooth compatible

Cooling fan


Water bottle holder

Contact heart rate monitoring

Telemetric heart rate monitoring, chest strap compatible


Console, Programmes and Feedback


10.1” TFT LCD display with message centre, speakers, cooling fan and water bottle holder.





Fat Burn




2 x custom programmes

2 x heart rate programmes

Fit Test



Hill Profile





Heart Rate



Technical Specifications

15 kg (34lb) Flywheel

15” (38cm) Pedal Size

Dimensions L x 82” W x 31” H x 67” (208 cm x 79 cm x 170 cm)

Product Weight 113 kg

Max User Weight 28.5 Stone (182 kg)

Home warranty - Lifetime warranty on frame, magnetic braking and parts (excluding wearable items), with 3 years on-site labour cover

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer fitness test programme


To help you stay motivated you need to see an improvement. That is why the Sole E98 has provided a Fitness Test as one of its programmes. This program focuses on maintaining a certain pedal speed that will automatically make adjustments to the workload depending on the user's heart rate response to the set work levels.  It's a great way to gauge on whether or not your fitness level is improving from month to month.



The Sole E98 now includes blue tooth capability. By connecting to the Sole app or compatible app you can then transfer workout data from the Sole E98 Crosstrainer to your smart devices, from were you can track your fitness progress.

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer telemetric heart rate control


Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring options make your workouts more effective.

Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer iphone connecton to console
Sole E98 Light Commerial Elliptical Crosstrainer downloadable Apps