Wall bars are a true classic piece of sports equipment. Made from fine woods the Nohrd Wall Bars with their curved silhouette present a high quality piece of furniture, which will blend effortlessly in to your home interior.


Wall bars are a truly classic piece of sports equipment but the NOHrD Wall Bars take them to the next level. By climbing, swinging and hanging from them you can achieve a range of body weight exercises that stretch, tone and strengthen your core. The NOHrD Wall Bars are not just a classic piece of fitness equipment they are a high quality piece of furniture that blends effortlessly into your home interior.  


The NOHrD Wall Bars provide side arms that drop down at the top of the machine, supported by safety cords that automatically retract when folded back. In addition there is a range of NOHrD Wall Bar accessories that enhance the wall bar experience 

10/14 TO THE BAR

You can choose from 10 bars or 14 bars and a range of wood finishes. The overall size does not change, the 14 bars just provides more positioning options.


These include a Multi-Adapter that hooks onto a bar of your choice and can be used for tricep dips and then can be turned upside down as a horizontal bar and a leather bench that can be hung on any rung and be used for sit ups or as a padded back support.


Product Features

10 Wall bars

14 wall bars

Available in the following woods - Ash, Oak, Club-Sport, Cherry or Walnut 

Drop down upper bar side arms.

A range of accessories



Size H x 230cm W x  80 cm Depth x 13cm

Total weight 10 bars 19kg

Total weight 14 bars 21kg

Space between bars 9.9cm - 17.7cm

Maximum user weight on suspension 120kg