All Nohrd products are handmade, bespoke units made to order, guaranteeing superb quality & outstanding craftsmanship. 

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Simulates the Grinders job of hoisting the sails on a boat. Uses water resistance.

Hand pedals can be set at various height positions effecting the resistance.Use standing or seated. Seat fits either side. 

Monitor can be swung to each side while balance sensors recognise its position.

Pull or push motion depending on which side you are on. Use one hand or both hands. Comes in a choice of woods.

Nohrd WaterGrinder featuring all the different woods the machine is made in
Nohrd WaterGrinder with female model using it standing at the side of the machine
Nohrd WaterGrinder being used by seated male model


A Classic Cable Machine in a Space Saving Contemporary Design.

The Butterfly is Slimbeams main feature allowing you to train on one or both sides.

70kg Weight Stack with individual cable ratio permitting further Grades Of Resistance.

Nohrd Slimbeam in th various wood finishes
Slimbeam with female andmale model using the machine at the same time
Slimbeam with female model using the machine with pulleys in the centre


Swing Weights filled with iron granulated pellets. 

These cause Dynamic Imbalance within the Leather Sack during movements. 

Hand Made.

Swing Tower for Storage.

1-8kg Available.

Three Swingweight Towers
Male model doing lateral raises with two swing weights
Nohrd Wallbars with optiona bench attachment
Nohrd Wallbars with 14 rungs
nohrd Wallbars with 10 rungs
Nohrd Wallbars with female model hanging from top rung


Wall Bars a Classic piece of Sports Equipment.

10 Rung or 14 Rung

Top of the Wall Bars folds out increasing the number of exercises available.

Choose from a range of optional accessories 

Price Range £1249 - £1599

Price Range £1495 - £1795

Price Range £395 - 595

Price Range £265 - £415

Nohrd Tri Trainer in semi open position
Nohrd Tri Trainer in full open position
Nohrd Tri Trainer in closed position


Contemporary 3 in 1 design perfect for abs and core training.

Adjustable foot rollers

Quick and easy adjustments

Price £395

Nohrd Tri Trainer bench with male model lying on it using Swing Weights