Life Fitness G4 Home gym in room
Life Fitness G4 Home


The Life Fitness G4 Home Gym is Life's top of the range traditional gym and offers plenty of fixed motion strength training options in a compact design. 


The Life Fitness G4 offers great ergonomics combined with a a full range of exercises all encompassed in a compact and very smart looking gym but if you have the extra room an optional leg press is available that will take your leg development to the next level.


The Life Fitness G4 main pressing arm can slide through seven different positions with a quick adjustment of the locking pin allowing you to perform not only a straightforward chest press but seated row all the way through to a shoulder press. As your body and grip will need to be in a different position to perform these exercises effectively, Life Fitness have included 2 sets of handles, 3 possible grip positions and a number adjustments to the seat and backrest.

Life Fitness G4 Home bench press multi position handles
Life Fitness G4 Home bench Press adjustments


The pec fly of the Life Fitness G4 includes a cam feature that ensures constant resistance through the full range of motion. The free flowing design also allows you to experience a similar feel to using free weights.

Life Fitness G4 Home cam system


The Life Fitness G4 offers both a high and low pulley and a variety of cable options to get the best out of both stations. Now you can do a number of exercises to develop the bicep, triceps and back muscles. Also connected to the low pulley is the seated leg extension and standing leg curl, designed to build powerful legs.

Life Fitness G4 Home Lat Pulldown
Life Fitness G4 Home seated row
Life Fitness G4 Home leg curl/extension leg unit


Life Fitness provide a range of accessories with the G4 and these include Lat bar, lat row bar, ab/tricep straps and ankle strap. You can even buy an additional 23kg weight stack expansion if you find the 73kg isn’t heavy enough to challenge you in your future workouts and for the ultimate leg workout how about the optional Leg Press. Finally all Life Fitness G4's come with an Exercise Booklet/Cards to help you get the most from the gym.

Life Fitness G4 Home with optional leg press


Product Features

Weight stack 73kg

Optional 23kg weight kit

Multi positional chest press

Shoulder press

Adjustable seat

Adjustable backrest 

Cammed pec dec/fly

Lat pulldown/tricep push down

Seated Leg Extension

Standing leg curl

Arm curl

Seated row

Optional leg press


Technical Specification

Size L x 86" W x 70" H x 83" (219 x 178 x 211 cm)

Size with leg press L x 107" W x 101" H x 83" (272 x 257 x 211 cm)

Power coated finish

User weight 21.5 stone (136kg)

Product weight 220kg