This machine with its sleek design and compact floor space will fit into any room but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Inspire M1 gym offers at least 66 exercise options.


The Inspire M1 home gym is sleek and stylish. It not only looks and feels the part but also with its compact size it easily fits into most homes. However the machine is very deceptive. It may be compact but its curvaceous curves allows any size user to workout unrestricted by the frame, which is often the case on gyms of a lesser quality. 


Moving from one exercise to the other on the Inspire M1 s incredibly quick and extremely easy. There are 3 sets of double pull points situated at low, mid and high locations. These are fixed and always ready to go, you just move from one pull point to the other, no cables changes or adjustments. Each pull point features a comfort D stirrup handle providing a full range of single cable or double cable functional training routines. 


On the Inspire M1 home gym the bench telescopically slides from the upright position into the prone position. This enables numerous exercises to be performed from both positions including seated and prone bench press and fly’s.


There is a problem with the Inspire M1, its simple design hides its versatility. At first glance you would think its exercise options were limited but in fact it offers more than gyms double its price. At least 66 exercises are possible and because it also offers functional training the options are only limited by your imagination. 


Product Features

Over 66 exercise options

Weight stack 68kg (160lb)

6 position seat height adjustment.

6 position multi angle backrest adjustment

2 isolated low pulleys

2 isolated mid pulleys

2 isolated high pulleys

Contoured Orthopedic Padded upholstery

6 x Strap/Stirrup Handles with Revolving Grips, Full Colour Exercise Wall Chart

Optional extras include Abdominal Bar & 5lb Add-on Weight


Technical Specification


L x 74” W x 34” H x 84 (188 x 86 x 213.3 cm)

Two Tone Electrostatic Powder Coat offers a durable maintenance free finish

Frame Heavy Duty 2 x 4" Oval 11 Gauge Tubular Steel

Pulleys fibreglass reinforced nylon

Cables 2000lb tensile strength

Pivot points 1.5" Precision Steel Bearings at bench press & oil impregnated brass bushings on other parts for a smooth and fluid motion with no maintenance required

User weight 23.5 Stone (150kg)

Warranty Lifetime Frame & Parts, 2 Years Cables, 90 Day Upholstery & 1 Year Labour