Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine with male using Smith Machine Bar performing bench press


The Inspire FT2 is a one off. This remarkable machine offers everything a functional trainer should but with the added bonus of a Smith Machine that uses the weight stack of the base unit.


The Inspire Fitness FT2 is truly unique. It combines a functional trainer with a built in Smiths System. The Smith bar rotates and locks in just like a traditional Smith bar and also provides height adjustable safety spotters. What makes the Inspire Fitness FT2 remarkable is the Smith system uses the functional trainers dual independent weight stacks. No free weights required.

Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine and optional SCS workout bench
Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine showing red Smith bar in various positions
Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine Red Smith bar locking device


When you are not using the Smith System the red Smith bar, coloured to prevent you accidentally walking into it is locked in place at the top of the machine. When you release the bar and flip the two pulley cables into place you have a fully functioning Smith Machine attached to the two wide adjustable pulleys and connected to the two weight stacks. Bring the bar into the exercise starting position, rotate the bar to release it from the pulleys and as you push the bar you lift the stacks and the two adjustable pulley stay in place as safety spotters. How clever is that. Use freestanding or with an optional FID or SCS bench.


The Inspire Fitness FT2 just keeps offering more unique features. Its weight system multiplier is engaged within seconds with just two simple connections and then the resistance on the Smith Machine is doubled and can provide up to a 192kg of capacity.

Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine weight multiplier
High Pulley
High Pulley
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Low Pulley
Low Pulley
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Wide Pulley
Wide Pulley
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Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine attachment that connects to optional SCS bench and weight stacks
Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine addiional bars and straps that come as standard
Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine accessory rack

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With the FT2 from Inspire you get 8 pulley points. These include two narrow high pulleys, two wide pulleys with 32 height adjustments and four low pulleys. The low pulleys can be attached to the optional Inspire SCS bench leg unit so that you can do leg curls and extensions once again incorporating the dual weight stacks. If you think that is ingenious you get as standard a multi functional belt. Connect this to the two wide pulleys in their lowest position, stand on the belt, hold the pull up bar and you have an assisted chin and dip with the weight stacks as your counter balance. Of course you still have all the functional training options at your disposal as well. We said this machine was remarkable.


With the Inspire FT2 you get an accessory rack which includes 2 x D Handles, Multi-Functional Belt, Easy Curl Bar, Straight Bar, Ankle Cuff, Swing Handle, Tricep Rope, 2 x 5lb Add-on Weights, 2 x Water Bottles & Exercise Booklet. Any bench can be used with the FT2 including the Inspire FID and SCS bench. The FT2 can be purchased on its own or as a package. The package includes an Inspire SCS Bench with Leg Developer, Leg Extension Conversion Kit and 2 x 23kg additional weight kit.


The Inspire Fitness SCS bench is a stand-alone high quality workout bench but it has also been designed with special features to be the perfect accompaniment to the Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer. On the FT2 is a plate for the SCS bench to lock into so that the bench is always in the correct position. The SCS leg unit has a conversion kit that allows the leg unit to attach the lower pulleys of the FT2 and engage the weight stack, so you can perform leg extensions and leg curls without the need of free weights. The Inspire SCS bench can be acquired as part of a package or on its own at a later date. 

Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine optional SCS workout bench
Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Machine SCS bench positioning bar


SCS Positioning Bar


Product Features

Smith Machine/Functional Trainer

8 x Pulley points

2 x 73kg Dual Independent Weight Stacks

2 x 23kg, optional extra weight kits.

Weight stack multi-plyer

One Handed Adjustable High/Low Pulleys that adjust to 32 height positions.

Assisted Chin and Dip using multi functional belt.

Split Resistance 0.5 resistance ratios provides a smooth, continuous feel and a longer range of motion.

Pull Up Bar

Fully stocked Accessory Rack 

Instructional Flip Chart

Optional FID or SCS Bench

Optional leg extension/leg curl attachment available on the SCS Bench that connects to the weight stacks.


Technical Specification


L x 58" W x 61" H 83" - 88" (Adjustable)  (147 x 155 x 211 - 223  cm)

Two Tone Electrostatic Powder Coat offers a durable maintenance free finish

Frame Heavy Duty 2 x 4" Oval 11 Gauge Tubular Steel

Pulleys fibreglass reinforced nylon

Cables 2000lb tensile strength

Precision Steel Ball Bearing System provides a smooth maintenance free action.

Product weight 256kg

User weight 23.5 Stone (150kg)

Home Warranty Lifetime Frame & Parts, 2 Years Cables, 90 Day Upholstery & 1 Year Labour

Commercial Warranty  Lifetime Frame & 10 Years Parts, 1 Year Cables, 90 Day Upholstery - up to 6 Hours usage per day