Nearly all our deliveries are carried out using our own vans and delivery staff. Because we have been trading for so long if we have to use a third party we can call on people who have either been previously employed by us or who we know have a reputation of providing an excellent service. When we deliver ourselves we can always guarantee a timed delivery.



Installing any home fitness equipment is not easy. It can be heavy to handle and very time consuming. Some times the manufactures instructions are not very clear and in addition you are handling delicate computers screens and electronics as well as cable assemblies and linkages. You will also be left with large amounts of cardboard and polystyrene that you will have to dispose of. It is also the case that a majority of early service issues relate to the original installation not being carried out correctly. When we install the equipment we will also provide on-site training, showing you how to use the equipment properly. So why not let us provide the professional touch and take the hassle out of the whole process including the removal of all packaging that we guarantee will be environmentally disposed of.


The same criteria that applies to home installations also apply to commercial installations but on a much larger scale. Our team of professional installers have years of experience along with the passion and commitment to make sure that your fitness equipment is set up to you satisfaction. On site training is provided so that you, your staff and clients are fully comfortable with your new equipment, so as to maximise its potential. 


If you are looking at moving your equipment to another room in your house or to an entirely new location why not give us a call. We will cover the entire process including disassembly, transportation and reassembly. We can also store your fitness equipment at a minimum cost if your new location is not ready to receive it. With untrained removal companies you will never be sure what condition you equipment will arrive in, with us you will have peace of mind.

Completed installation of fitness equipment at college
Installation of fitness equipment at college showing what it looked like before installation


Installation of fitness equipment at Mars Food showing the empty room
Completed installation of fitness equipment at Mar Foods
Showing Fitness Options engineers at Maesteg School laying the specialist protective rubber flooring prior to installation of fitness equipment
Comlpted installation of fitness equipment at Maesteg School
The room at John Kyrle High School before installation of fitness equipment and showing protective matting to prevent carpet damage
Completed installation of fitness equipment at the John Kyrle High School Gym





We also laid the specialist rubber flooring

Protective matting used to prevent carpet damage during installation