Installation of Matrix commercial fitness equipment in the Litmus Building in Nottingham UK


Professional service has always been the key to Fitness Options success in the corporate and commercial fitness market. It starts at the beginning with facility planning and fitness equipment selection - and lasts as long as our customers own the equipment.

We have a dedicated commercial department run by Mr Karl Viner and our experienced sales team are thoroughly familiar with all the commercial fitness equipment we offer and can help you select the right equipment for your needs, plan your room layout, help with financing if you need it, arrange delivery by our own engineers and fully instruct you in its proper use and maintenance.

Chaucer School
Chaucer School

Installation of Matrix commercial fitness equipment Chaucer School, Sheffield. UK

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Capital One
Capital One

Installation of Nessfit and Spirit commercial fitness equipment at Capital One, Nottingham. UK

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John Kyrle High School,
John Kyrle High School,

Installation of Spirit and Impulse commercial fitness equipment at John Kyrle School,Hertfordshire. UK

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The Litmus Building, Nottingham 

What Fitness Options can offer you

  • Advice on the best equipment for your premises.

  • Room plans with our 2D and 3D software.

  • Multiple commercial gym equipment purchase discount

  • Delivery and installation by our own engineers.

  • Staff induction training detailing correct use of the equipment.

  • After sales support including equipment servicing and service contracts.

  • Financing the equipment through Equipment Leasing 


The aim of this page on our Tailored Fitness web site is to introduce you to our commercial sales department. The development of a commercial gym can be quite daunting and complex and you need an expert to advise you, so that you get it right first time.


So please contact Mr Karl Viner

Tel 01623 752 701

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