Panatta is an Italian company that not only brings Italian design and beauty to their fitness equipment but innovation, craftsmanship and passion. Proof of this comes in the form of their collaboration with the legendary name in the world of sports cars, Pininfarina, to design their stunning New Gold Cardio Range. Every item of Panatta fitness equipment is designed, produced and tested in Italy. That is why they can customise many pieces of their equipment based on customers need. They have over 250 products in their portfolio and 200 patents for innovation and design, meeting the requirements of the whole population.

If you are looking for something exclusive, unique and of the highest quality then Panatta must be your first choice. 

With half a century of history, Life Fitness has developed into a fitness equipment icon, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. It began in 1968 with the worlds first electronic piece of fitness equipment, the Lifecycle exercise bike. Today they are a global leader and their fitness equipment can be found in homes and commercial environments the world over. Life Fitness equipment feels great, performs safely and features some of the best industrial design on the market, with unsurpassed reliability and durability built in. 

F3 Folded Treadmill
Platinum Recumbent Bike
Track Console
G7 Functional Trainer
GX Cycle
G4 Multi Gym
T5 Treadmill
FS Crosstrainer

The Spirit story began back in 1983 with a simple purpose - to provide you with the highest quality fitness equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. They see their equipment, as a long-term investment that will keep pace with your continuing fitness ambitions and therefore innovation and quality is paramount. The exclusive features found on Spirit equipment are put into their products for one reason only, to help you achieve success. There are many companies that produce fitness equipment, but few that focus on the details that you will find in a Spirit Fitness product.

Their beautifully hand crafted wooden machines are produced in their own factory in Germany. You can see the attention to detail in every one of their products. The company is very environmentally conscious and responsible. They use all that comes from the forest in their wood production and any surplus wood is used to produce heat and hot water in their facility. 

From its original design in 1988 by Yale and US National Team Rower John Duke, the WaterRower has become an extraordinary blend of form, function, design and durability. It is revered for its styling, and has been applauded and awarded by the design industry for its design purity and is not only seen as a stunning piece of fitness equipment but as an item of contemporary fitness furniture.

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Steel WaterRowers
Female model using S1 Steel waterRower against white background
Use Indoors or Outdoors
Female model using WaterRower outside on wooden decking
Aluminium WaterRowers
Steel WaterRower against white background
WaterRower Water Tank
WaterRower Tank on wooden floor
Classic Wooden WaterRowers
WaterRower against white background
Advanced Console
WaterRower M4 Monitor
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Inspire Fitness is based in California and they design, develop and manufacture premium quality fitness equipment. Their multi gyms are built to the highest specification and feature a number of unique and innovative elements that set them apart from their rivals.

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Landice is based in Randolph New Jersey USA and have been manufacturing the world’s most durable and technologically advanced fitness equipment since 1967. Their treadmills are famous and they held the accolade of manufacturing the ‘Worlds Best Treadmill’ for six years consecutively from 2004 - 2009 and then again from 2013 - 2016. As a small family company, they are always competing against the big-brands but compete they do. Landice plans to continue with its tradition of worldwide excellence well into the future. They are continually refining and enhancing their products and offerings so you will get the best workout possible and reach your health and fitness goals while having fun. You may never need the level of engineering that goes into a Landice, but its nice to know its there.

Landice Treadmill w Model in home copy
Landice Treadmill ProTrainer Console Panel Only
Landice Treadmill ProSports Console Panel Only
Landice Treadmill Cardio Console Panel Only
Landice Elliptical Two Models
Landice Treadmill Executive Console Panel Only
Landice Elliptical w model showing step up height

Three brothers started the BH journey in Spain in 1909 and became synonymous with sport cycling. In 1969 they started work on their first prototype static bike. After 100years BH still upholds the philosophy of a company that is faithful to the values that first set it on its course with the aim of offering health, sports and fitness products to the world.

BH R250TVC Stepper
BH H895TVC Recumbent Bike
BH H800TVC Upr Bike
BH H720TVC Upr Bike
BH G930TVC Elliptical
BH G815TVC Elliptical
BH G799TVC Treadmill
BH Adjustable Strider
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